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21st January 2011

Audio post with 11 notes - Played 20 times

Dump - Hope, Joe [1995]

Dump is the moniker for James McNew’s solo project. James McNew is the bassist for Yo La Tengo.

This song is on the album “I Can Hear Music” and it is a curious, intense record. On the surface it seems like yet another one of a billion lofi rock dude singer/songwriter records released in the past 20 years. But this one is distinctly different, special, and worthy of repeated listening over and over and over again, if only for the vocal melodies. Dig this chorus at 1:30— you won’t find a more soulful 25 seconds of music anywhere else. Equalled, yes, but bested? Nope.

I don’t usually do this, but I’m posting a link for you, because this record is out of print and used copies are currently selling on Amazon for between $26-$70.

Dump - I Can Hear Music [megaupload]

If you enjoy songs with equal doses of pop, desperation, and lofi production as much as I do, this record will not disappoint!

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